Whenever I install Firefox on a new computer or operating system, I always locate and install these add-ons as they are my most used and long time favorites.  I strongly recommend them for designers, web developers, and some for the average Joe and general public.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsAdblock Plus – This lets you browse the web with a lot less clutter. You can disable it for any site as you wish. I like to keep the icon in the statusbar only.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsAutoPager You can’t beat being able to go to the next page by just scrolling down the screen! I also show this icon only on the status bar only.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsColorZilla – Ever wondered what is the color being used in a design? This lovely color picker lives in bottom left corner of Firefox.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsDownload Statusbar – I love how the downloads are minimized to the status bar and not have to deal with the Downloads popup.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsFireFTP – My favorite FTP client. It’s nice to be able to use the same interface if you are using a different operating system.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsiMacros – Allows you to record a cycle of a long repetitive task and have the computer do all the repetition. It could be used to get around other things too.

default icon 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsMeasureIt – Measure anything displaying on your browser. Very helpful for design adjustments.  This ruler typically places right next to the color picker on your status bar.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsShareaholic – Although I like AddThis, I love how this shows you the number of people who bookmarked the sites too.  I like installing it out of the way and inside the address bar.

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsSxipper – Too many logins/passwords? Sites won’t let you save your password? Like to login with one button like Opera? Need a random password that you don’t have to remember?

 10 Favorite Firefox Add onsWeb Developer – Various useful tools for web development. You could keep it as a tool bar or just hide it into the right-click menu.

There are a few more add-ons that I use from time to time such as Firebug and Greasemonkey but I do not consider them favorites nor do I rush to install them on a every new browser.  FEBE is a nice addon to backup your common add-ons for easy re-installation.

Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations. If you liked the list, please share it with others who might find it useful.