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10 Favorite Firefox Add-ons

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Tweet Whenever I install Firefox on a new computer or operating system, I always locate and install these add-ons as they are my most used and long time favorites.  I strongly recommend them for designers, web developers, and some for the average Joe and general public. Adblock Plus – This lets you browse the web [...]

Google Chrome

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Tweet Google just released their open source browser for public testing. Google made a nice comic book about it before it’s release. You can download the browser directly from their website

Managing Change

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Tweet Originally, I uploaded the photo with nothing but the title and it received several hits. Managing Change is a hot topic these days and I wrote a short paper about it for a course. I will go ahead and share the conclusion with everyone online… Technology advances continuously over time. In the last decade, [...]

Tweet Emirates Airlines shows off some one their new Airbus A380 features;  an in-flight shower room.  There is one shower for everyone of the 14 first class passengers.  This will add an extra weight of 11000 pounds to the aircraft requiring it to carry more fuel that usual. [ Source: Gizmodo ]

Microsoft vs Macintosh vs Linux

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Tweet Battle revisited with Linux thrown in the mix.

Microsoft vs Macintosh

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Tweet A picture illustrating the difference between microsoft and macintosh. The concept is about right but it could use better details.

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