Microsoft vs Macintosh

21 Jul 2008 In: humor, technology

MacPC Microsoft vs Macintosh

A picture illustrating the difference between microsoft and macintosh. The concept is about right but it could use better details.

Lively – Google’s Virtual World

21 Jul 2008 In: internet, news
corner logo Lively   Googles Virtual World


Google launched a virtual world chatting program. It lets users interact with each other using an idea similar to yahoo’s animated personality avatars. However, this allows you to interact in 3D where you could chat with your friends and meet people online in rooms that you decorate and fully customize from a catalog of avatars, outfits, furniture, and rooms to build up.

Dubbed Turkish Series

20 Jul 2008 In: entertainment, thoughts

I happen to watch the first one that came out last year before the hype started. It caught my attention because,

  1. it was not in formal Arabic (fus7a) which was burnt by all the Mexican series broadcasted over the years.
  2. it was something I could relate to coming from a similar culture.

Today, a total of 5 Turkish series broadcast on Arabic satellite channels. It will probably spread like the Mexican series in a few years. Where is all the Arabic production going? Where are the writers and directors? It would be nice to see Arabic works that could compete with these dubbed series.

Rawshe Rocks

15 Jul 2008 In: photography

2220908836 7de0dc732e Rawshe Rocks

Rawshe Rocks in Beirut, also called Pigeon’s Rocks. Its the classic look I see in most posters. I took the photo when I was in Lebanon in August 2007.

You can buy it as a calendar or a set of postcards from my shop

Ziad Rahbani – A Rahbani Festival [1977]

15 Jul 2008 In: music

The Instrumental Hits of Fairuz

arahbanifestival Ziad Rahbani   A Rahbani Festival [1977]

01 – Sah Ennom (Intro).mp3
02 – Ya Mahla Nourha .mp3
03 – La Enta Habibi .mp3
04 – La Tehtab Alayeh .mp3
05 – Alamouni.mp3
06 – Al Yadi .mp3
07 – Natouret El Mafateeh (Intro).mp3
08 – Ya Beyah El Khawatem .mp3
09 – Nassam Alayna El Hawa.mp3
10 – Dhakheelik Ya Emmi .mp3
11 – El Helwa De .mp3
12 – Ya Ana Ya Ana .mp3

Ziad Rahbani – Bil Afrah [1972]

15 Jul 2008 In: music

bilafrah front 300x290 Ziad Rahbani   Bil Afrah [1972]

01 – Kaskis Warak.mp3
02 – Raksat Tahiyat.mp3
03 – Atem Ya Lail.mp3
04 – Sahriye.mp3
05 – Ya Hamam.mp3
06 – Sa’alouni El Nass.mp3
07 – Ya Habibi Koullama.mp3
08 – Chirak.mp3
09 – Zourouni.mp3

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