Jean Marie Riachi – Belaaks [2009]

11 Jun 2009 In: music

coverjg 229x300 Jean Marie Riachi   Belaaks [2009]

This is one of my favorite albums released this year. A mix of instrumentals and soft vocals put together by the popular Lebanese arranger, Jean Marie Riachi. It starts with Yara’s “Shefto min Beid” and ends with a duet between Ramy Ayach and Abir Ne’me, “Belaaks” (the opposite direction) with a couple of international songs in between. The album has a mixed flavor between Jazz & Arabic. It is great music for different moods.

  • Shefto Min Beid (Arabic Pop) Artist: Yara
  • La Vie En Rose (French) Artist: Laura Liis
  • Lamma Bada (Instrumental Arabic)
  • Haymne A Lamour (French)
  • Petite Fleur (French)
  • My Baby (English) Artist: Sevine
  • Bint El Shalabia (Instrumental)
  • Fly Me To The Moon (Instrumental)
  • Encontros e Despedidas (Portuguese) Artist: Catia Werneck
  • Ya Habibi(Instrumental)
  • Bhebak (Arabic) Artist: Abir Nehme
  • Enta Ana (Arabic)
  • Bellayl(Arabic) Artist: Simon Obeid
  • Belaaks (Arabic) Artists: Ramy Ayach | Abir Nehme

[ Download Here ]

Checklist for Innovation

9 Jun 2009 In: business

I ran across this article today about innovation in tough times.  The following checklist summarizes Scott Anthony’s “Seize the Silver Lining” book about innovation:

  1. Recognize today’s transformation imperative?
  2. Have a handle on the future potential of innovation?
  3. Have a process to prudently prune its innovation portfolio on a regular basis
  4. Have clear consensus on the 1-3 top growth opportunities?
  5. Always ask, “How does the customer define more?” before asking people to do more with less?
  6. Match technological experiments (“can we?”) with strategic experiments (“should we?”)?
  7. Constantly search to share the innovation load to de-risk innovation?
  8. Have a plan to “love the low end” in existing and emerging markets?
  9. Run an innovation factory with systems and structures to make innovation repeatable?
  10. Have a plan to help leaders transform themselves?

VIA [ Scott Anthony @ Harvard Business ]

CFBMW’s 5th Poker Run Pictures

7 Jun 2009 In: cars

Yesterday was the 5th CFBMW Poker Run in Central Florida.  There were over 60 cars.  We drove an unknown route based on directions given at 4 different stops.  The route (map) came out to about a 130 miles of mostly rural roads on the outskirs of Orlando.

3602165360 6784128d0f m CFBMWs 5th Poker Run Pictures
3602162270 222aef6743 m CFBMWs 5th Poker Run Pictures
3601355565 fafa05731a m CFBMWs 5th Poker Run Pictures

3601353657 eabc3f0b2d m CFBMWs 5th Poker Run Pictures

More pictures @ flickr


WordPress iPhone App

17 May 2009 In: random, thoughts

Thanks to the WordPress iPhone app, I will be able to blog regularly when I am away from a computer.

We might see Fiat again in the USA afterall

20 Jan 2009 In: cars

Fiat got 35% stake in struggling Chrysler without paying anything.  Fiat will provide Chrysler with efficient economical powertrains and in return, Fiat will have space to manufacture its cars in the USA and will have access to the Chrysler dealer network.  The deal didn’t cost Fiat a dime.

This means that Alfa Romeo could potentially be on US shores again.  Fiat & Alfa were not sold in the USA throughout the last few decades.


Florida Statewide March for Palestine

15 Jan 2009 In: photography

We had a statewide march for Palestine in Florida on Saturday.  The march was organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. Florida in response to the unjust torture to the innocent people of Gaza.  I captured the event from my own perspective.  Below are some of the photos.  You can see more in my Gallery.

3187434568 838c5e730b Florida Statewide March for Palestine

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