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Google Chrome

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Tweet Google just released their open source browser for public testing. Google made a nice comic book about it before it’s release. You can download the browser directly from their website

Tweet Emirates Airlines shows off some one their new Airbus A380 features;  an in-flight shower room.  There is one shower for everyone of the 14 first class passengers.  This will add an extra weight of 11000 pounds to the aircraft requiring it to carry more fuel that usual. [ Source: Gizmodo ]

Lively – Google’s Virtual World

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Tweet Google launched a virtual world chatting program. It lets users interact with each other using an idea similar to yahoo’s animated personality avatars. However, this allows you to interact in 3D where you could chat with your friends and meet people online in rooms that you decorate and fully customize from a catalog of [...]

Allah Yirhamak Ya Hariri

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Tweet In February 2005, former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik eL Hariri was assasinated on When a massive bomb explosion hit his motorcade in Centeral Beirut. The city he spent most of his later years trying to rebuild. He was a great loss to his people. May god bless his soul and reveal the truth. Sign [...]

Demna is Back

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Tweet Demna was one of the finest arabic multimedia site on the net. The Demna community is back online now and we’re all glad. Check out their website for more info. Demna – Arabic MP3 & Multimedia

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