I came across this article and agreed with it for the most part. I’m sure many of you are getting tired of these movie plots as well so I though I would share the summary with you and include the imdb link to each movie.

#6 Ultra-Masculine Action Star Gets Stuck With Small Child or Children

#5 Psychotic Little Kids Terrorize Adults

#4 Young, Hip, (Read: Black) Guy Invades Typically White World

#3 Brilliant Musician Rises, Falls and Finds Redemption

  • Who’s doing it Next? J.Lo & Marc Anthony in El Cantante
  • Who did it Best? Walk Hard
  • Who did it Worst? Jamie Foxx in Ray

#2 Father Is Wronged by Gang; Kills Entire Planet

#1 Put Robin Williams in a Comedy, Sit Back and Let Him Work His Magic

Read the detailed article from the source. It talks more about each movie and why it needs to stop.

[ Source: Cracked.com ]